how this work

       The store-and-forward Telemedicine system developed by Amader Gram is able to collect and send vital statistics, including weight, body temperature, blood pressure, photographs, and basic hygiene information via Internet to a Medical Assistant (MA) who can then respond with appropriate primary health advice by Internet, video call, text message, or phone. It does not replace any component of the current health system; instead, it enhances the availability and access to pre-primary care within the existing health system. The use of such a telemedicine system also promotes task shifting in a nation (that practiced in rural Kenya) with a marked shortage of physicians by enabling patients to receive immediate and low-cost medical feedback from a Medical Assistant who is stationed in a Networked Medical Hub (NMH). Only the serious complaint cases that require further medical examinations or hospitalization are forwarded to the nearer facility in video consultation with Medical Consultants (MC).